About us

Invitech Holding AG is an independent real estate investment and asset management company acting in Russia and Europe, which was established in 2012 in Switzerland. In 2013 the company opened branch in Moscow from where the team is managing commercial and residential assets located in Moscow, St. Petersbourg, Sochi and other regions of Russia.

Our accomplished team of professionals are experienced in:

    1. Asset management

    2. Support in real estate transactions

    3. Evaluation of investment projects (acquisitions, development, etc.)

    4. Analysis of the optimal use and development of commercial real estate

Our main focus is to continually add value to its managed portfolio and its profitability indexes.

With the assistance of a highly professional and experienced team, we set up sophisticated investment tools, manage cross-border operations and guarantee effective management of assets and liabilities.

The cornerstone of our investment philosophy is the minimization of risks and optimization of return on assets.